Friday, March 2, 2012

Roundbacking it

(I have not been updating the blog recently because I am not training too seriously right now.  I appreciate the's nice to know that people actually enjoy following my progress)
I am writing this very quickly..there may be some spelling

Lately, I have been training everyday but keeping everything under 70% percent.  I have been doing a lot of handstand work, shoulder work(all rowing variations, push up variations, handstand pushup variations), midsection (ghd sit ups, ab wheel, v-ups, hollow work, planks etc..), ..I am working on my shoulders and upper back a lot ... 
I have barely squatted, barely bench pressed, but I have been deadlifting twice a week.  I usually pull on Tuesdays from a deficit and Saturdays from the floor.  I have been practicing a round back deadlift....Konstantin Konstantinov's style, which isn't his style but the Finnish Deadlift style.  
After RUM 5, well before and after RUM 5, my back was giving me a lot of pain.  I thought that I would ease into deadlifting and go light but even 335 was feeling tough on the back, so I tried sumo for fun and quickly remembered that I don't like training sumo because I find it hurts my then I thought of pulling off blocks to change the angle of my lower back....and then light bulb...let's try the round back as it lets the hips get closer to the bar.... my heels are very close and flared so I can get my hips closer and also use my legs more.  KK goes hips higher and not so flared....his back is freakishly strong. 

So far I am enjoying it.  It is something different and a new skill to develop.  I am not sure if it is a style I will stick with but I am enjoying it none the less.  I find the hardest part is the set up and I am constantly forcing my lower back straight which can become tiresome...

  Here's 3 vids from my first time trying a little weight with this technique.

1) 655 lbs  ( I thought it was 635lbs, but I forgot that the first big thick plate is a 655ish)

2) I thought I might as well do the equivalent of 7 plates a side.

3)Might as well try 700

The first time I pulled 700 was the second time I ever tried pulling a heavy max using a sumo style, and then I pulled 700 using a pure conventional style, and now using the finnish style....I feel like I can pull 700 any way I wish it's my bitch....and then my fucking daddy....spanking me like I stole something.  bahaha .............    :(