Thursday, May 31, 2012

T-Log: TUESmay29-THURSmay31

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
1pm- before work
Front Squats: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squats: 415x2, 465x1, 505x1, 560x3x8 sets
Pistol Squats 2 sets of 20 each leg

7:30pm- after work
DL(floor): 155x4, 245x2, 335x2, 425x1, 515x5x5 sets

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
Took it very easy today.  Trained early.
Inverted Ring rows x 30
w DB Bench Press 105's x 17
X 5 sets
*then I went to see a physio for a lot of ART.  My shoulder really hurts now and this shit better work.  My buddy made it feel pretty awesome with acupuncture...maybe i need to find someone.

Thursday May 31st, 2012
1pm- before work
Front Squats: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squats: 415x2, 465x1, 505 x 5 x 8 sets in 25:23 **CAT (20200lbs of volume in 25:23 @ 71% my max)
Walking Lunges x 200
*I did the walking lunges because my hips are feeling tight and the walking lunges seem to open me up a little better.  Otherwise I would have done pistols instead.

6:45pm-with the class of people doing Death by Burpee
Death by Deadlift @ 308lbs: worked up to the 11 minute.  I think I can easily go to 15 minutes with this one.  I could feel the back pump starting at 10 minutes and Willie's reps were slowing down(sharing a bar) so strategizing would be different going at it solo........all I was thinking during each rep was..." i wonder how much this is going to take off of my saturday deadlift session....  anyways, that 66 reps at 308 ( thats 20328lbs of volume).
and then Row 500 m.
**Between the squat and deadlift sessions today I did over 40000 lbs of volume.  ( the deadlift weight was below my 50% I almost feel like that part of it is blood flow and recovery lol)

Monday, May 28, 2012


Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

My left shoulder is still bothering me.  I cannot touch the bar to my chest.  I will be seeing aphasia on Friday and hopefully he does what my buddy Stef did with some Accu followed by some ART...which really improved things a ton.
Inverted rows(rings) x 30
w DB Bench Press 105's x 16

Followed by some very light bicep and external rotator work.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012
I was not feeling super great today.  It has been humid as hell the last couple days and I don't have air conditioning....I am not sleeping well.  Hopefully the humidity goes down a bit.
**Random Fact: Ottawa has one of the largest temperature ranges in the world. The winters suck going well into the -40s celsius(windchill) and the summers suck going well into the 40s celsius(humidity)....i guess it just makes us tougher.
Front Squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505 x 12
*My quad was feeling a little bit sore.  I was feeling a little tired.  The humidity made me less ambitious.  I wanted to do around 40 reps with 500ish as I usually do doing 8 sets of 5....but i just had no drive to keep stepping up to the bar....  so I opted for higher reps 3 sets of 12.  After set one i felt pretty tight and decided to just do a ton of pistol squats to feel healthy.  I haven't done much unilateral work in a long time so i figured it would both be easier and healthier for me to do once in a while...and why not today when my motivation is low.  As for the first set, I think if I went at it with 16 reps in mind i could have done it....i would like to post a video of me squatting 500 for 20 in just a belt at some point because I think that that would be pretty cool.
Pistol Squats: 5L, 5R, 7L, 7R, 9L, 9R, 11L, 11R, 13L, 13R, 15L, 15R, 17L, 17R, 19L, 19R.  ( TOTAL OF 96 A LEG)

Friday, May 25th, 2012
I went to see Arthur Cuenco today.  He's a physic here in Ottawa and also a friend of my family's.  He did not do any Accu which I am a little disappointed in...but I have to trust he knows what he's doing...he did a ton of ART...obviously in hurt...I did not scream out loud to avoid getting my man card revoked...but i would have liked to.
Shoulder is feeling extremely sore now.
Inverted Rows(rings) x 25
w Paralette Pushups x30 (nice smooth no hard reps)
X 4 Sets

Saturday, May 26th, 2012
Deadlift:  (off 2 mats) 155x3, 245x2, 335x1, 425x1, 515x1, (add belt and off floor) 635x3x4 sets, 425x6x2sets
Row 500m  : 1:27.2
**I find rowing kind of fun.  I like how much it sucks and I hate doing it while I'm doing it....but then it's fun.  I think 1:23 is a good goal.


Monday, May 28th, 2012
Inverted rows(rings) x 30
w DB Bench Press 105's x 16

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

T-LOG: SATmay19-TUESmay22

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Deadlift(kk): (off 2 mats) 155x4, 245x3, 335x2, 425x1, 515x1, 605x1, 695x1, 695x1, 695x1, 515x6x6 sets
Tabata rear delts
*** I originally wanted to deadlift 675 for 1-3 doubles but I miscoded to 695 by accident(25kilo plate) and it wasn't as smooth as i'd hoped.  So i just continued with a few singles.  The sets of 6 were pretty damn tiring even though it's a weight that I can still rip off the floor and move fairly fast, the set up on my DL takes a while in between sets and I quickly get out of breath....cardio.

Sunday, May 20th, 2012
OFF.... just commenting on how I feel especially tired and stiff today.  That is all....beach time.

Monday, May 21st, 2012
Inverted rows(chest to bar): x30
w DB bench press 105's x 15
X 6 sets

Tabata db rear laterals

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Woke up feeling groggy.  Hot, Humid and raining like crazy.  The sweet sound of the rain kept making me drift back to sleep...i'm not complaining as it was relaxing...but it also made me sleep in and have to rush to the gym to hurry my training....  just feeling dazed.
Front Squats: 135x5, 225x3, 315x2
Back Squats: 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, (add belt) 560 x 4 x 3 sets
Deadlifts: 425 x 5 x 5 sets

* the squats were feeling pretty heavy today.  This is probably a result of my radial nerve hurting like crazy so my squat is a little distracted.
** I deadlifted 425 for 5's for 2 reasons: 1) Kade deadlifted before me and it was too hot and humid for me to change weights, and I had just squatted so I was warmed up enough.   2) I would normally prefer to do 8-10 reps for sets with this load...but I am simply too lazy today...

Friday, May 18, 2012

T-LOG: TUESmay15-FRImay18

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Front Squat: 135x5, 2253, 315x2
BackSquat: 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, (add belt) 560x3x6 sets
DL(kk, stndng off 2 mats): 155x5, 245x2, 335x1, 425x1, 515x3x8 sets

Night after work: Rowed a 500m sprint.  Basically, the only reason I did this is because of Crossfit.  This definitely has little carry over to my training and is possibly detrimental because it exhausted all the little guys in my legs...but I just felt like getting a number.  I think I could have done just a little bit faster, maybe a 1:27, but I just didn't have any drive and am not comfortable at higher heart rates as I once was in my ballin days.  If I ever change it up and go for Crossfit...a good goal for me would be 1:23 I reckon....we'll see.  I think my buddy Paul Vaillancourt (Ontario's Strongest Man Champion 3 years running) told me he did a 1:23 or 1:26 or something like that...pretty studly.  He's a bit taller and around 260lbs so he's a big machine for rowing...I gotta beat him because nobody wants to lose at anything to a guy who looks like Patrick Swayze.  I mean seriously..." Nobody puts baby in the corner!!" 

I did a lot of volume today.  I think I will feel pretty tired tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
I woke up really early today.  For some reason at 5:50 I woke up having to take a piss and wasn't able to fall back asleep.  I went to the gym around 7:30, helped out at the morning class and then did a TON of mobility work on my quads, hamstrings and hips....and then I took a nice nap on the floor for an hour before I trained.

Inverted rows(bar) x 30
w DB Bench Press 105 x 15

Tabata DB rear delta flies

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
I was feeling very tired today...lazy and tired.  I woke up around 221.5lbs which is very light for me.  I usually dabble between 226-228 morning weight.  Since Tuesday post training, I have cut my carbs significantly(I already eat high fat low carb), and I did so until today just to feel a little healthier because on the weekend I ate like crap...but now I feel very light and I have little desire to train.  So I am going to take it easy today(which lately I have been doing on Thursdays anyway with the CAT style sessions as I am doing today).
FrontSquat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505x5x7 sets in 22:36  I usually like to do around 40 reps or 8 sets with this weight and using CAT...but I had very little drive today and the reps were slowing I cut it.

Tabata Rear Delts
Tabata Sit ups

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Man, are my legs ever stiff today.  I haven't felt this sore in the legs since I used to do 300 consecutive bodyweight squats without allowing myself to stop or even move my feet...those were fun days...9 minutes straight of squatting.  Today, is just going to be stretching and work on my shoulders and then a little workout.

Inverted Rows(chest to bar): 30
w DB Bench Press: 105's x 15
X 5 sets

Tabata DB rear delt flies
Tabata sit ups

Tomorrow: Some moderately heavy Deadlifts...Hopefully a couple singles in the 700's and then 600 for volume.  We'll see how the legs feel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T-LOG: SATmay5-MONmay14

Yes, I am aware that I have been a very delinquent blogger.  Once I get to around 12 weeks out from RAW training is going to get damn serious and I will be posting regularly...for now...still playing a bit...trying to figure out my competition prep...and trying to get my damn shoulder to stop hurting...Joffrey Laurin, an orthotherapist and Poliquin BioSig guy, came to assess and help a bit. He gave me some good exercises and new ways to work around things.  But the pain is still here...trying to be patient.

Thurs., May 3/2012
High Volume CAT style session
Front squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505x 5 x 8 sets ( took 26:22 minutes, reps were all pretty crisp)

Fri., May 4/2012
Inverted Ring Rows x 40

w Ring Pull Aparts x 25
w band facepulls x 25
w band external rotators(shoulder) x 25 each arm
w lying db tricep extensions 55's x 20
ALL X 4 Rounds

Sat., May 5/2012
DL(kk, 2 mats): 155x4, 225x3, 335x2, 425x1, 515x1, 605x1, (drop to floor and add belt) 675x1, 725x -, 725x-, 605 x 4 x 5 sets
*My back just wasn't feeling tight today.  I could probably have grinded the 725's up...but i'm in no mood to push to limits and risk injuries at this point.

Mon., May 7/2012
This week is going to be a little fun.  I figure I might not get a chance to train all weekend (Fri-Sun) because the Crossfit Otown team will be competing at the Canada East I might as well at least squat or DL everyday. I thought I would do a few reps around 80%(gym max 700) today to see how it feels ...since... I've been dabbling extremely light these days.
Front Squat: 135x5, 225x3, 315x2
Back Squat: 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, 545x1, (add belt) 560 x 3 x 6 sets
*Feeling nice a smooth.  Still feels very light.  I may go heavier next squat day just to see where I'm at.

Tues., May 8/2012
DL (off 2 mats, kk): 155x3, 245x2, 335x2, 425x2, 515x3 x 8 sets

Wed., May 9/2012
Went into this workout just thinking about moving some weight, no real goals in mind.  Just want to move something heavy today.  I am kind of just thinking of this week as fuckery with the regionals coming up....and Im going to be getting serious in June so I might as well just take it easy and have fun.
Front Squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505x1, 555x1, (add belt) 595x1, 635x1, 660x1, 505x 3 x 3 sets(CAT)
* The 660 felt heavy on the back bc I haven't squatted heavy in a while.  And I caught myself analyzing how it felt on the way down rather than just squatting was smooth down and up at a medium pace...easy enough that I thought about trying 685 but told that greedy gravity hoarding son of a whore in my mind to wait until the future to get too serious.

Thurs., May 10/2012
I just took it easy today.  Got a pump in my shoulders and triceps.
Inverted ring rows x 40
w DB Bench Press 70's x 25 (for shoulder rehab)
w external rotators( seated elbow on knee like a poser)
w Bent over DB Lower trapezius Y raises
X 4 Rounds

Fri., May11/2012
Today was a long day.  Crossfit Regionals in Mississauga. A lot of sitting, standing and wanting to be out there helping the team.  Crossfit competitions are very difficult to watch without wanting to be out there competing.  I find this especially so in the team competitions.  I miss team sports sometimes.
After watching, I was feeling pretty amped to lift some weights.  I went to a basic globe gym called Fitness 365.  Mirrors, big bodybuilder dudes(like pro big big), hot figure type babes, dorks on machines..bosus bla bla..the usual globe gym.  

Front Squat: 135x5. 225x3, 315x2
Back Squat: 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, 545x1, (add belt) 585x1, 635x1, 675x1, 500x 3 x 3 sets
DB Bench Press: 110's x 15 x 3 sets
Rear Delt DB flys: 40's x 20 x 2 sets
**My squat was feeling very good today.  The 7 plates a side moved DAMN FAST  A few factors to consider: the plates were lighter(One trainer said 2 lbs a plate, other guy said each plate was a 20kg)...regardless it was probably more like 660x1 but who knows.  The bar was also an Ivanko bar which is very whippy and makes coming out of the whole much easier than the texas squat bar back home.  Also, I haven't squatted in front of a mirror in literally technique felt picture perfect being able to watch myself.  I am considering training at a globe gym every now and then to watch my technique....and to get stared at...
RxMuscle magazine guy happened to be training there.  Took a video of my '675' and asked if i'd be interested in doing an interview and lifting for the camera if he were to come down to Ottawa...we'll see what comes of it.

Sat., May 12/2012
Another day of Crossfit Regionals.  Man, Crossfit is pretty damn cool.  
1) I wonder if I will ever be able to put it together to hit my 2000 @ 220 in just a belt powerlifting goals.  I feel far sometimes...  a 750 squat, 475 bench and 775 DL are all not only attainable, but close for me....and yet...I still gotta have a good day, on the day that it counts, and put them all together.
2) After reaching 2000@220 and considering myself "Attaining Mastery" or simply accomplishing the goal I set out to do...Will I be able to walk away and take on a new challenge with many new obstacles...Crossfit.  I know PL's reading this are laughing...but boys...shit looks challenging...And I think I'm up for it....but will I be able to walk away from something I love so much and am so heavily invested in....who knows...THE IRON BUG IS A STRONG FUCKER TO SHAKE.
Anyway, BACK TO FITNESS 365 today. 

Deadlift(kk style, off floor): 135x3, 225x2, 315x2, 405x1, 495x1, 545x1, 585x1, 635x1, 675x1, 725x1  (again...plates may have been lighter so maybe around 700 or so). 
Wide grip Chins: 2 x 25
Close Grip: 2 x 25
Inverted Rows(bar) 4 sets of 25

***Also, Bumped into Sevan Matossian, the guy who did the Crossfit video of Willie and me demonstrating how the bench shirt works.  He does all of the Crossfit Journal videos and has done some pretty cool documentaries...I think everyone should watch PULLING's a GREAT documentary on Arm Wrestling that I've watched a dozen times.  Anyway, Sevan said that he would love to come down for a few weeks before RAW 504 Clash For Cash(September) to film training, interview etc... and then fly out to the meet in New Orleans to video the competition....Who knows if that will actually come into fruition...but the possibility ..just the thought of exciting. 

Sun., May 14/12
So this weekend, while at the competitions in Mississauga,  I stayed with my old roommate, Stefan Bulfon, from Western.  He's Chiro and trainer.  He did some assessments, acupuncture, and then some lovely ART on my shoulder...and was able to to restore full range of motion back to my shoulder....problem is...I need lots of this treatment for the pain to stay away and the injury to be now I need to find a accu and ART person in Ottawa.
Mon., May 13/12
Inverted Rows(bar): 6 sets of 25 reps
w DB Bench Press: 105's x 15 x 5 sets

Might squat heavy tomorrow....we'll when I wake up i'll's late right now..night.