Friday, May 18, 2012

T-LOG: TUESmay15-FRImay18

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Front Squat: 135x5, 2253, 315x2
BackSquat: 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, (add belt) 560x3x6 sets
DL(kk, stndng off 2 mats): 155x5, 245x2, 335x1, 425x1, 515x3x8 sets

Night after work: Rowed a 500m sprint.  Basically, the only reason I did this is because of Crossfit.  This definitely has little carry over to my training and is possibly detrimental because it exhausted all the little guys in my legs...but I just felt like getting a number.  I think I could have done just a little bit faster, maybe a 1:27, but I just didn't have any drive and am not comfortable at higher heart rates as I once was in my ballin days.  If I ever change it up and go for Crossfit...a good goal for me would be 1:23 I reckon....we'll see.  I think my buddy Paul Vaillancourt (Ontario's Strongest Man Champion 3 years running) told me he did a 1:23 or 1:26 or something like that...pretty studly.  He's a bit taller and around 260lbs so he's a big machine for rowing...I gotta beat him because nobody wants to lose at anything to a guy who looks like Patrick Swayze.  I mean seriously..." Nobody puts baby in the corner!!" 

I did a lot of volume today.  I think I will feel pretty tired tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
I woke up really early today.  For some reason at 5:50 I woke up having to take a piss and wasn't able to fall back asleep.  I went to the gym around 7:30, helped out at the morning class and then did a TON of mobility work on my quads, hamstrings and hips....and then I took a nice nap on the floor for an hour before I trained.

Inverted rows(bar) x 30
w DB Bench Press 105 x 15

Tabata DB rear delta flies

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
I was feeling very tired today...lazy and tired.  I woke up around 221.5lbs which is very light for me.  I usually dabble between 226-228 morning weight.  Since Tuesday post training, I have cut my carbs significantly(I already eat high fat low carb), and I did so until today just to feel a little healthier because on the weekend I ate like crap...but now I feel very light and I have little desire to train.  So I am going to take it easy today(which lately I have been doing on Thursdays anyway with the CAT style sessions as I am doing today).
FrontSquat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505x5x7 sets in 22:36  I usually like to do around 40 reps or 8 sets with this weight and using CAT...but I had very little drive today and the reps were slowing I cut it.

Tabata Rear Delts
Tabata Sit ups

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Man, are my legs ever stiff today.  I haven't felt this sore in the legs since I used to do 300 consecutive bodyweight squats without allowing myself to stop or even move my feet...those were fun days...9 minutes straight of squatting.  Today, is just going to be stretching and work on my shoulders and then a little workout.

Inverted Rows(chest to bar): 30
w DB Bench Press: 105's x 15
X 5 sets

Tabata DB rear delt flies
Tabata sit ups

Tomorrow: Some moderately heavy Deadlifts...Hopefully a couple singles in the 700's and then 600 for volume.  We'll see how the legs feel.