Sunday, October 20, 2013

Signing- Jay Nera joins Animal

Check this out.  AND YES, I AM FUCKING PUMPED!!

If you didn't click on the link above this badass picture of yours it now!!

From now on this blog is going to be less of my day to day training(not that I've written in this lately anyway)...But when training picks up in the next few weeks as I prepare for Raw Unity Meet the nuts and bolts of my training will be found on the Animalpak site in the forum. 

Here it is Sisyphus is Smiling.

I also have a Q&A on the forum, Sophisticated Savagery, be sure to join the forum.

As for this blog, I will still be posting videos and thoughts and the occasional ranting....Basically, if i want to write about something and not worry about it's content breaching the rules of the forum... or offending will be on here.  Hopefully i will find the time to write....and hopefully you 'll have the patience.