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If you are not fortunate enough to train at Dynamo Barbell my main online services are:

1) Online Coaching- This is for clients who are committed and serious about making changes in their lives.  I don't care what level you are at.  I don't care if you want to compete or not.  I care where you want to go and what you want to do.  I just care about your goals and achieving them.  Not just saying that.  Most want to get stronger, put on muscle, and shift body composition.  I will help.
I don't like handling too many clients at once because I like to be very involved and to make sure we get results. Contact me for details.

2) Technique Critique/Assessment & 1-Time Consultation :  Includes critique of lifting videos(technical breakdown, addressing strengths and weaknesses)plan of attack on correcting/improving technique and attacking weakness with micro cycle, and 20 minute phone consultation.  $70

3) Nutritition/Diet - weight loss/gain, shift in body composition, help in improving training through proper nutrition.  I do this is blocks with an initial 4 week block followed by 2 week blocks.  I charge per block and the goal is to teach you how to understand your own needs and have you on your own after 3 months. $350

If you are fortunate enough to live in Ottawa, then please come and check out Dynamo Barbell and Crossfit O-Town.  Our barbell site is currently shut down for construction please see the hours of operation at Crossfit O-Town for that information or Email me if you like.
Dynamo Barbell/Crossfit O-Town
21 Grenfell Crescent, Units 2, 2A, & 3
Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 0G3