Friday, January 9, 2015


(a random unedited one time through post, bring on the grammar police because this one will suck…)

Given that we are 9 days stride into the new year, I thought that this quick question off of my instagram account would play well into my usual disdain for "New Year's Resoultions."

For those of you unfamiliar with my view of the NY res tradition…. an old tweet of mine..

Dear Everyone out there about to post their NY resolutions, If you were serious about'd be doing it already. Sincerely,


On one of my pics on IG this question was posted today…

"I've been following your IG for a while now and you are definitely an inspiration for someone like me. I need to get my ass in gear bro I wanna be in shape but am just too lazy any advice? Where do I start?"

He starts off with some kind words which I must say "thank you" for. But the next bit is very troublesome yet not abnormal (double negative yes) in terms of how people speak today.

Use of the word "NEED" (when it isn't)… and then an excuse "BUT I AM JUST TOO LAZY."

We hear this type of thing very frequently…people rationalizing their apathy towards something that they know may very likely impact their lives in a very positive way.

Rationalizing NOT performing the actions that will cause the effect they claim to desire. Hmmmm.
…..It's fucking nonsense and every single one of us, including myself, does it to some capacity in our lives.

So I am going to offer a very simple answer that I did not come up with…but really makes sense, especially when dealing with the majority of people in todays culture who have an instant gratification mentality and cannot understand the need to endure short-term pains or sacrifices in order to gain long-term pleasure. Yes, the present may hurt for now….but the pain of working the fields and planting the seeds will bear fruit tomorrow….and if you don't have the confidence in your actions to believe this…you will quit before you ever even get to find out whether you will have succeeded or failed…you'll never get to taste the damn fruit.

Only a man of low self-esteem loses sight of his purpose at the first sign of failure.

But what is his purpose?

And THAT^^ is the most important question for any endeavour.

Find a purpose for doing what it is you are doing. Do not set a goal or say that you want to do something if you do not even know why you want to do it…. It doesn't have to be a deep meaning… it could be something as simple as "Because I want money bitch!" Why do you want money? "So i can have a stronger sense of security and independence"..or "So I can buy that Gucci and get hoes." ..Baam!! that wasn't so hard. Now go grind away.

Before asking yourself any other questions, the first thing a person must answer is: "WHY?" Why do I want to ____________(insert goal)_____?

Once the WHY is answered, the HOW, WHEN, WHO, WHAT's etc… will be answered with much more clarity.

Everyone has things that they SHOULD do, or WANT to do…but really, until those SHOULD's become MUST's you're just half assing yourself and kidding yourself when you say you want or need something. If you have a strong enough WHY, the actions needed to achieve the goal become MUSTs. PERIOD.

Once you can associate all of the actions you must undertake to reach a desired goal with a purpose….you are a driven human being.

And that my friends, is how one finds motivation…. and if you can't find the motivation to do something…it's simply not that important to you so stop sweating it and move on.

Happy Belated New Year Bitches!!