Saturday, January 21, 2012

RUM 5 LIVESTREAM LINK and pre-game thoughts

Well, it's the night before I lift.

I'm feeling fresh and loose...and I am not sure if this is a good thing or not.  I have always preferred to have gone into a meet feeling fresh after beating myself into the ground for months and then taking 1 week off and feeling as though I NEED TO LIFT SOMETHING OR I'M GOING TO GO CRAZY.  This year, with injuries, my peaking has been very different and I have no idea how I am going to feel tomorrow.  I won't likely know until I get under the bar and start warming up.  I am going to be opening around 700 in the squat, 440 in the bench and 705 in the deadlift.  The ultimate goal on third attempts is a 2000 total but I have no idea how my squat is going to feel and also how my back will handle the deadlifts...regardless of what my limits may be tomorrow...the goal is to reach those limits.  I might crash and burn on the take off...but when the goals to walk on the moon...better have the balls to strap in and go for a ride.
  Ultimately, if I can improve on my total...thats progress and I should have a coke and smile and chalk it up as experience...but I want that 2000...badly..or at least 900kg total, to make George Orwell proud (1984 lbs).

There are many great lifters at this meet as it's has continued to be the biggest raw meet in North America...This is especially true in the 220 class this year(RUM 5 ROSTER).  In no other meet on the planet has there been a handful of guys who will be squatting over 700 at just a belt.  Usually there are zero and if you are lucky you might see someone attempt a 700...and if you're around a world class'll get to see a successful attempt at 700 or more.  The ALL TIME SQUAT RECORD at 220 is 735...two of us expect to surpass that.  A 450 bench press will be common place...and a couple guys might deadlift over 800.  And about 4 of us, I think, have it in our capacity, to total close to 2000 (ALL TIME TOTAL is 2028 by Andrey Belyaev).

My flight is scheduled to start at 12pm CST, 1pm for my people back home...BUT I was just told that we may start warming up right after the lifters meeting at 9pm.

here's the link.LINK BELOW