Sunday, April 1, 2012

T-LOG:March 3rd 2012- April 1 2012

It's been a long time.

Yes, I have still been in my sanctuary training everyday.  Yes, I am still nurturing my craft.  Yes, despite my injuries I am still and will always embrace this process even when I can't do a push up without pain or reach down to touch my toes without my hamstring exploding.  Yes, it's a part of learning and yes I am willing to keep walking in this direction.

Split for the last little while has been the same. This last week sums it up minus handstand work last week because of shoulder:

Saturday, March 24th 2012
Deadlifts Deficit 2 mats(still with a round back technique): 155x5, 245x3, 335x2, 425x2, 515x1, 605x1
Deadlift from floor: 655 x 1 x 7 sets  ** I am working on my new technique by using a weight that requires focus but is easy enough for me to always pull.  7th set slowed down, so i decided to save my energy for assistance work.
Single arm Bent over Dumbell rows: 165lbs x 35 x 2 sets each arm  (every week i add 1 rep to the set, i.e. next week will be 36)
Inverted Rows(rings): 4 sets of 35

Monday, March 26th, 2012
I have a really bad bicep tendonitis in my left shoulder aggravated primarily from too much handstand work (I think).  I really hurt it a week ago doing a muscle up on the rings. The deep dip position..ouch.....and having to demonstrate various movements throughout the week to clients kills it even i try to avoid close to 230lbs bodyweight, doing toes to bar, pull-ups, handstand push ups etc is really hard on my shoulders when I'm not warmed up.  
Today is simply a mini complex for the upper back and rear delts.  I consider it a bodybuilding day because I get a good pump and look crazy jacked from it.  lol
Inverted Ring Rows x 35
with Ring Pull Aparts x 25
with Facepulls x 25
with Cuban Cleans 15's x 25
ALL X 4 rounds

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
Tuesday's I have been both squatting and deadlifting light. I think of it as a PRACTICE.  If I were back in my ball days, this is when I would walk into the gym and shoot foul shots for 45 mins.  Pure practice.
Front squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
BackSquat: 425x2, (then approx 65% my 1RM for 5 easy triples) 465 x 3 x 5 sets
Deadlifts off of 3 mats:  515 x 4 x 6 sets
Single Arm Bent over DB rows: 165 x 36 x 1 set each arm

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Same as Monday.
Inverted Ring Rows x 35
with Ring Pull Aparts x 25
with Facepulls x 25
with Cuban Cleans 15's x 25
ALL X 4 rounds

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Thursday's i have been working up to a heavy single around 90% my 1RM and then doing a CAT-ish(Compensatory Acceleration Training) squat session.  I give myself 25 mins to work up to a near max, and then 25 mins for my CAT session which is approx 65% my 1RM for as many GOOD sets of 5 I can perform in 25 mins.  Usuall 6- 8 sets.
Front Squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 425x2, 465x1, 505x1, 555x1, 595x1, 645 x 1  *  Even though I am not lifting heavy and 645 feels very heavy on my back, I never doubt whether or not I can do it.  In my mind anything under 660 these days I feel I can do any day of the week.  Note: my 645 single was a little slow and my technique...I took the lift for granted and got sloppy on the way up.
Back Squat CAT: 465 x 5 x 4 sets    *** During those sessions as the sets progress the bar tends to move faster and faster..... On the 4th set, 4th the bottom of the hole my left hamstring went a little noodle-y on my and hurt like crazy.  Stop workout.  Not good, but not a terrible injury, a week or two I think.

Friday, March 30th, 2012
same as M and W.
Inverted Ring Rows x 35
with Ring Pull Aparts x 25
with Facepulls x 25
with Cuban Cleans 15's x 25
ALL X 4 rounds

Saturday, March 31st, 2012
My shoulder/bicep is in pain, and I have to nurse my hamstring.
Deadlifts off floor: 425 x 10 x 3 sets ** very controlled to avoid straining hamstring.
w GHD Sit up (strict slow curling): x 15 x 3 sets

Inverted Ring Rows x 35
with Ring Pull Aparts x 25
with Facepulls x 25
with Cuban Cleans 15's x 25
ALL X 4 rounds

Not very exciting for people to follow.  I do not plan on competing until September a RAW 504 Clash For Cash in NOLA... (maybe SPF RAW in Aug the earliest, but I do not care to wear knee wraps).
In the meantime, I am just training by myself ( and sometimes with Willbo or Kade) in the Dynamo dungeon and putting my time in, maintaining/rebuilding the foundation.