Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BACK ATTACK at Fortis Fitness - ANIMAL PAK

ANIMAL PAK VIDEO….. BACK ATTACKBack training from a while back at Fortis Fitness.

Random facts about my life of training and pull ups
I LOVE pull ups.  Only recently have I started incorporating pull-ups into my regimen again.  This is due to bicep tendon issues forcing me to take a break.  I believe that this(video) was my second or third time doing pull-ups in close to a year.
For me, I will always be able to do pull ups because I have been doing them since I was 11 years old when my grandmother gave me a pull up bar for my birthday.  I set it up in my bedroom door.  I would do 6 pull ups every time I passed it.  If I went to the washroom I would do 6 on my way out and then 6 on my way back in….this would add up very fast.  **NOTE-  I had a pull up bar setup that stayed in the doorway via expanding and forcing friction.  It slowly pushed apart the door frame and sent a crack up into the ceiling.  Sorry Mom.  Love you.

Before my hiatus from pull ups…I had been doing pull ups 3 times a week and usually 3-4 sets at 3-4 various styles of pull ups for a total of 12-16 sets depending on the style and how i were feeling.  I would usually do anywhere from 10-30 reps per set depending on the style and if weighted or not.  'Rep wise' I would always end up doing 400-600 reps per week. Multiply that by 52 weeks a year and then the 20 years I've been training….now you might understand why I have over 19 inch arms(20 pumped up) even though I hardly ever train arms directly(i do some tricep extensions work here and there).
Anyway, I like pull ups, and I was happy to start doing them again in this video.  Supinated or neutral grip are the only styles I can do without causing pain unfortunately.  So this was after taking a long hiatus from doing pull ups of any kind….and also, after a 25 lb weight gain.  When I stopped doing pull ups I was sitting around 230, in this video I am around 255lbs.

…and just for fun…back to my lighter days at 230lbs….My best set of these was one set of 15 reps.  My best working sets was 5 sets of 11 reps.  Here was my first practice at them after RUM a few years back.