Sunday, June 26, 2011

T-LOG update

Well, since the meet I have not been training all that vigorously.  My Rec fem is healing but I have really been training AROUND it.  about 4 days a week I am doing 200-300 bodyweight squats(sets of 100 unbroken) and walking lunges 100-200(sets of 100 unbroken).  This creates a huge pump in my legs and forces blood everywhere which will hopefully speed up the process.  The fact that I am able to do body weight squats deep, in flat shoes(more hip flexion), makes me happy.  Hopefully soon I will be able to put some weight on a bar.  I have a feeling I will be doing very high reps squats with only 2 or 3 plates for the first half of July...and this is fine.....we all know I'm not that patient tho....  let's hope I can manage.

Because of my limited ange of motion with a load I have been incorporating a lot of partial ROM lifts.  Quarter squats and partial deadlifts.  Last Thursday, I lifted 905lbs from my knees to lockout!!  Not exactly a huge ROM, but holding that amount of weight felt fantastic.  

The last two days of training pretty much sum up how I have been lifting since the meet on June 11

FRIDAY, JUNE 24th, 2011

Bench Press: 315lbs x 10 x 4 sets ( all very controlled, more like a bodybuilder, my left pec has been bothering me so I am being very careful)

Wide Grip Strict Chins: x33
w Ring Pushups: x 30
w Ring Pull Aparts: x 20
w Handstand holds: x 30seconds
w V-ups x 25
ALL x 4 Rounds

**Later that day.
Body weight squats: 100 x 2 sets
Walking Lunges: 100 x 2 sets

SATURDAY, JUNE 25th, 2011

1/4 Squats (from bottom up): worked up to 905lbs x 20 x 2 sets

Partial Deadlifts from knee: worked up to 765x4, 800x4, 800x4

Ring Chins: x 20
w GHD situps x 20
w Upside Ring Shrugs x 80
ALL x 3 Rounds

Bodyweight Squats: 100 x 1 set ( quads were spazzing by end)

Went to Moonies bay to attempt to learn some arm wrestling with World Superheavyweight Champion Devon Larratt and the Ottawa High Hookers!!  Arm Wrestling is nuts...the amount of technique and knowledge to know is insanely complicated and seems infinite.