Wednesday, July 6, 2011


1035lbs (11 plates a side)  - feels good to hold on the back

Here's what has been going on with my training over the last week and a bit.
My shoulder has been bugging me a little bit so I am keeping the loads to a minimum based off of how confident I feel in it.  The rec fem is still very sore in the hole of my squat so I am avoiding the hole with any weight above 60 %.  Since I am doing 1/4 squats....  I LOVE GOING HEAVY...and it makes zero sense to do partial range of motion with a weight I can do ful range of motion with...  so here's an excuse for me to move some serious weight(paritally).

I like the safety squats because I am not squatting heavy and the safety squat(when I don't use my hands) allows me to force adaptations without needing maximal type loads.
Hopefully soon I will be squatting more and more progressively until I feel confident that I will not get injured.  For now, around 19 weeks out from world's in Latvia, my main focus is just to be healthy and able to move...although it is always difficult for me to not want to move heavy I do where I can.

MONDAY, JUNE 27th, 2011

Bench press:  320lbs (70%) x 10 x 4 sets.  (I am benching like this because of a slight issue on my left shoulder/pec)

Ring Chins x 20
w Ring Pushups x 35(touch together at top)
w Ring Pull Aparts x 20
Handstand Holds x 30s

TUESDAY, JUNE 28th, 2011

1/4 Squats: 1015 lbs x 10, x 15
Safety Squats(no hands) 315 x 10 x 3 sets
Walking Lunges x 100

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29th, 2011

Bench Press: 320 x 12, 10 , 10

Ring Chins x 25
w Ring Pushups x 35(touch together at top)
w Ring Pull Aparts x 20
Handstand Holds x 30s

100 Walking Lunges

THURSDAY, JUNE 30th, 2011

Conventional Deadlifts:  525lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets

Bodyweight Squats: 100 reps x 2 sets

FRIDAY, JULY 1st, 2011

Bench Press: 405 x 2, 2, 2, 2 (very cautious with technique and no grinding out)      315x 8, 9, 9, 9 (stop whenever I feel grind)

Strict Wide grip Chinups: x 25    
w Ring Dips x 25        

Ring Push Ups: x 30
w Ring Pull Aparts: x 20

SATURDAY, JULY 2nd, 2011

1/4 Squats: 1035 lbs x 15 reps x 2 sets

Rack Pulls: 855 x 5 , 855 x 1 w max hold at top

Safety Squats(no hands): 315 x 15, 405 x 6

Walking Lunges x 100

GHD Situps x 20 x 3 sets