Thursday, July 21, 2011

T-LOG- JULY 21st

So the heat is a little bit on the high side today.  It's around 36 degrees celsius.....but with the humidity over 45 and Dynamo Fitness does not have air conditioning.  We contemplated closing our gym for the day as soon as we heard that our buddy Paul Vaillancourt was closing his gym, Ultimate Fitness, for the day.
Regardless of whether we close to members or not.....  I TRAIN.  Christmas was a squat day last year.... and this day is a deadlift day......  period.

Conventional Deads: 595lbs x 4 x 4 sets

KettleBell Swings: 3-poot(106lb) bell x 25 swings(overhead) x 3 sets

GHD: 4 sets of 20 reps

Inverted Ring Shrugs: 125 x 2  ( I basically always do as many as I can until my hands feel as though they are taking unnecessary damage)

Not a bad day.  My deadlift is not feeling too efficient right now.  Ever since I pulled my back a couple of weeks before Raw Nationals in June my back and deadlift have not been feeling right.  My setup is a little bit off with higher hips from my rec fem injury and then my back is low in confidence.  So my deadlift feels awkward off of the floor and then heavy on the lower back because of inefficient technique..... I do not like this feeling as I am hoping to pull around 350kg (770lbs) in Latvia in November.

KK- from Latvia.....does anyone get sick of watching his pulls?.......nope