Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T-LOG: MONaug8-TUESaug9th


In a bit of a rush today.  My collar bone is killing me from front squatting on Saturday.  There was one set where I missed the hook on the left side when racking it and it put a ton of pressure on my collar bone.  I seem to have strained a muscle in my upper pec.  Stretching the pec and alsolifting the shoulder seem to irritate it.  We will see how it feels tomorrow.  I may have to skip it since Monday's session seems to have irritated it further.

HELLRAISERS: 515x3 x 7 sets

Thats it!!  That's ALL!!  And its more than enough on the body.  I am a little worried that I am not challenging my legs enough with these squats but I am definitely taxing my back enough and hopefully this will transfer to my deadlift.

MONDAY, AUGUST 8th, 2011

bench Press: 370+chains(60) x 3 x 5 sets, 320x5x5paused

SWGChins: x 35
Ring Pull Aparts: x 25