Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chaos & Bang Your Canadian Earballs: Series 1, Episode 1

Back in February, Jamie Lewis, a powerlifter and a blogger (Chaos & Pain), and I got to talking after our competition.  We had a pretty intense conversation that, unfortunately, is not the kind of conversation you get to have too often because, quite simply, most people are not the necessary combination of intelligence and open-mindedness required for such an exchange.  Jamie decided after that that he'd like to get me as a guest on his podcast.  I've only ever done one podcast before(Shawn Mozen of Agatsu) and it was pretty fun so why not?  Jamie's website is very well written, thought out ....and highly offensive to many people.  Check it out!!  

Jamie does his podcasts with a friend of his, Paul Carter, whom I happened to know both as a powerlifter and as a friend on Facebook.  On fb , we regularly exchange comments with each other because we both like to talk about real shit and have similar views......  at the time, I did not know that Paul Carter was also the dude behind the website LIFT-RUN-BANG.  My buddy Tyler Goodale emails me his articles biweekly....and I had been talking to the guy on fb regularly.  Kind of funny.

The podcast that they run together is titled CHAOS & BANG.  In this episode I was a guest and since then, we have decided that I will be joining them permanently...hence the ..."Chaos and Bang Your Canadian Earballs." although I am not fully understanding the 'EARBALLS' part... It has an oddly nice ring to it.  These guys are both pretty damn solid dudes..strong powerlifters who also like to exercise their brains...much like sure to check out their websites...This shit is going to be fun.

So here is the first podcast of Chaos & Bang Your Canadian Earballs!!

Part 1

Part 2