Monday, July 9, 2012

T-LOG: FRIjuly6-SATjuly7

Friday, July 6th, 2012
Same shiiiiiiit.
Inverted Ring Rows x 30
w DB Bench Press 105'2 x 22
X 4 Rounds

Tricep Extensions x 25 reps each arm
w Rear lateral flies x 50
w external rotation drills
w kb arm bars

Saturday, July 7th, 2012
I am either going to max out today and then take a down week next week, or I am going to do multiple singles with 665 and then max out next week.  It all depends on how the squat is feeling.

Front Squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2. 465x1, 505x1, 555x1, (add belt) 595x1, 635x1, 665 x 1 x 8 sets

**BAAAM These were moving very well today.   After the first set, I decided that I could maybe hit around 685-690 if I went for it....So i thought I would practice with this weight a little emore and then maybe attempt a 705 NEXT Saturday...we will see when the day comes...I still want to pull 750-755 next Thursday and also to triple 650 for a couple sets in the squat on Tuesday... So let's see if I have a good week.  just gotta fire it up knowing that I'll be taking a down week later....
All in all, I am happy with the way that both my deadlift and squat are progressing right now....  I need my fucking shoulder to heal up so I can start benching again...  otherwise, I'll never hit that 2000 mark unless i do something extremely ridiculous like squat 770(know I'm not sam byrd...unlikely)...or pulling 830(knowing I'm not Cass)......  :(