Monday, July 16, 2012


Friday, July 13th, 2012
I didn't really do much today.  I'm still pretty stiff from yesterday's DL and last Tuesday's squats.
I am really trying let my shoulder rest up and heal..fuck I hate this.  I am seeing if doing nothing works out better than getting a little blood flow into the area.
All I really did today was some foam rolling on the quads and hips...and a ton of stretching and rehab-ish type exercises on the shoulder.  For a guy who doesn't even like taking Sundays off....this shoulder is causing a lot of bullshit heartache.

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
Well, I went into this workout not really sure if I was going to continue my training cycle for another week or if I was going to max out my squat.  I was considering doing another week of this training cycle because last night I realized that the 755 deadlift was misloaded to I was thinking of doing another week and attempting a 760 or 765 deadlift.  
Playing it by ear, I decided to make my choice after my 645 squat.  From there I would be able to decide if I could break 700 or not...because maxing out with anything less than 700 would simply be discouraging to me.  
Front Squat: 145x5, 235x3, 325x2
Back Squat: 415x2, 465x1, 505x1, 555x1, (add belt) 595x1, 645 x1, 685x1, 710x1 

**595 flew up.  645 My technique broke a little but it felt easy.  685 was very heavy on the back and I could feel Thursday's deadlift taking it's toll on the descent as my lower back felt weak.  But, nonetheless, it felt easy enough that I would go for at least 705.
My buddy Shane Church helped me decide on 710...since I had told him I was going to squat 710 in a text message the day before...and he came to see a 710 squat......a man's got to keep his word.
I am very content with this.  A new gym Pr squat after squatting heavy on Tuesday(650x3x3) and Deadlifting heavy on Thursday(750x1)...with 8 more weeks of training to go.

Next week is going to be a down week.  Light squatting and deadlifting.  Very little work on the shoulders....  

My mind is made up on 2000...just gotta get the body to follow suit.