Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Training Log UPDATE

Okay, so since the RUM 4 I have had an injured calf muscle.  I strained my calf warming up the squat at RUM 4.  I could barely walk during the meet and squatting was unbareable.  Luckily for me, once the adrenalin kicked in and I was squatting in front of people, and knowing that friends and family were watching back home, and that it would be aired on Fox Sports South.....  Luckily I didn't really noticed the pain during my lifts.

I have been very sick since last Thursday with a fever, cough and sore throat, crazy headache, and muscle aching....this flu or whatever you would call it has lasted too long....and I feel like i am such an effin pussy right now.  Thank goodness the fever and muscle aches are gone...and I am basically just stuck with slight head aches, a sore throat and cough, and a voice that makes me sound like Vito Corleone.

I think that the lead up to the meet, the travel the anxiety, and then the meet itself, putting my body through getting so psyched up and then maxing out completely on every lift, and then the travel back to such a cold and depressing city(i love Ottawa, just not when im sick)....I think that my depleted CNS and immune system crashed on me and I got hit with everything.

Monday, January 31 2011

bench press: 405x3(felt extremely heavier than it should have, was expected to do 5 and then I got extremely out of breath,sickness, so i stopped and decided to relax a lot and drop the weight)
315 x 13 x 3 sets

chins 1 set of 40

Tuesday, February 1st 2011

Backsquat: 545 no belt x 3reps x 5 sets
I had to take it very easy because of my calf muscle.....  and having being sick...this being approx 75% felt very very heavy.

Box jumps(without using my claves): 5 reps x 5 sets