Sunday, April 10, 2011

T-Log: MON Apr 4th - SAT Apr 9th 2011

This past week has been a week of jumping and ring push ups and reverse lateral...yaaaaaaay

SATURDAY, April 9th, 2011

Conv Deads: 245x4, 335x3, 425x1, 515x1, (add belt) 625lbs x 1 x 18 sets

GHD Sit ups: 3 x 20 reps

FRIDAY, April 8th, 2011


Ring Jowet Pu's: x 32 reps
w Bent Over Reverse lateral raises: 45's x 32 reps
w Box Jumps: x 5 reps
ALL FOR 8 ROUNDS(256 pushups, 256 rev laterals, 40 box jumps)

THURSDAY, April 7th, 2011

This is normalling my deadlifting day.....but I thought I would give my lower back a rest since I have been mauling it lately trying to make up for not squatting.  

Box Jumps '42 x 5 reps
Lateral raises (strict) 45's x 20
Box Jumps '42 x 5 reps
GHD situps(opening up) x 20
ALL FOR 8 ROUNDS (80 box jumps, 160 lateral raises, 160 GHD situps)

WEDNESDAY, April 6th, 2011


Ring Jowet Push Ups: x 31 reps
w Bent Over reverse laterals: 45's x 31 reps
w Box Jumps '42: x 5 reps
x 8 Rounds (248 push ups and reverse laterals, and 40 jumps)

TUESDAY, April 5th, 2011

rib....can't load on my shoulders..... so I decided to do a little bit of deadlifting just to handle some weight on my posterior chain and then a little mobility-ish stuff

Deads: worked up to 605 x 3 reps for 1 set

100 bodyweight squats (50 and 50)

Box Jumps '42: 5 x 20 (total 80)

Walking Lunges(done reaching far to stretch out): 50 steps

Various stretches

**Today, I basically just took some time to feel loose.

MONDAY, April 4th, 2011

Shoulders feel fine.  Rib still an issue so bench set up feels off.

Ring Jowet Push Ups: 30 reps
w Bent Over DB laterals: 45's x 30 reps
w Box Jumps: x 5 reps
x 8 ROUNDS(240 pushups and reverse laterals, 40 box jumps)