Thursday, April 21, 2011

T-LOG: WEDApri20


12pm :Well, I lost about 8 lbs on this whole fiasco.  Even though I am feeling much better and the problem has ceased to exist I did wake up with a bodyweight 8 lbs shy of what I normally wake up at. ...needless to say, I probably should not lift anything heavy.  I was going to attempt to do Tuesday's prescribed training session of 595 x 3 for multiple sets in the squat but at such a light body weight..I don't think so.

7pm: I have basically spent today eating and drinking(some things good, some things I urge my people to stay away from).  I have had about 4 litres of gatorade, 2 liters of apple juice, 3 packs of beef jerky, a couple rows of salted soda crackers, 2 tubs of activia yogourt, and some protein shakes.......I feel as though my weight is coming back and one thing that I find funny is that I have barely peed all day and when I finally do feel the urge...barely anything.....
I decided to lift some light weights.  Upper body:
BenchPress: 385lbs x 2 reps x 6 sets, 315lbs x 5(paused) x 3 sets, 405lbs x 1(just for the hell of it to see if i could)

Handstand walks up the wall x 2
w ring chins x 12
w ring dips x 12
w ring pull aparts x 15
All X 6 rounds

8:45pm  :  feeling a great need to regain weight and get water back into my system.  PIZZA PIZZA.  It's almost as if after being sick i get to eat all of the things I would normally avoid.  Things I avoid because they make me feel sick, bloated or tired....and yet after being depleted, I am eating them to feel better?  WEIRD.  But true.      1 Large Meatlovers....mmmmmmm.Done.

Feeling goooooooooooooood.