Monday, November 15, 2010

TRAINING LOG - NOV 14th & 15th

Sunday, November 14th   - OFF

I took today to rest....a lot and to eat..... a lot.  ;)


My shoulder is feeling a lot better.  I was originally going to force myself to avoid any pressing but I got under the bar a few times and decided that the pain was hard to i did a light bench...YEAH BABY!!

Bench Press( all paused) 365lbs x 3 x 8 sets

(Inverted Rows x 25  superset with Tricep pressdown using bands x max) x 4 sets

Reverse Laterals 35s x 50 x 2 sets

We'll see how the shoulder feels tomorrow....i am optimistic.  :)
ITS ON LIKE TRON.....Looking forward to squattin tomorrow.....