Friday, November 12, 2010


Time to start posting my log consistently… I will follow through and keep this up from here on out.

Nov 1
As the competition is getting nearer I wanted to focus on a strict pause in the bench.  So I went to approximately 80% and practiced.
        Bench press- 365lbs x 3(all hard paused) x 8 sets.  Very smooth.
Wide pull-ups with arch and chest to the sky 4 sets of 25
Tricep pressdowns using strong bands

Nov 2
I really wanted to focus on my technique bc my hips(being sore) had been pushing me away from my proper technique.  So I wanted to take another day to practice proper technique again(last Tues 545lbs x 3 x 8sets).
     Backsquat: 585 x 1 x 15 sets   (they all felt very grooved and powerful)
     Car jumps:  hadn’t done it in a while.  Threw some adizeros on and jumped onto the roof of my car 10 times.

Nov 3
Focus on paused bench technique w a more intense load.
Bench Press 405lbs x 1 x 10 sets
( 10th set something in my shoulder strained hard….NOT GOOD.  I thought I would be fine considering I was only doing singles and I can normally do a few sets of triples with this weight…. I WAS WRONG)
Inverted rows using rings 25reps x 4sets
Tricep pressdown- bands

Nov 4
Just focusing on moving weight a decent speed today while doing the deadlift.
Conv Deads: 625lbs x 10 singles
(all reps fast, smooth, and feeling great)

Nov 5
Shoulder(left) is extremely sore. Strained coracobrachialis.  Taking next week off from pressing completely.
Inverted Rows(bar) 6 sets x 25 reps
W facepulls (towel and bands) x burn x 6 sets
W tricep pressdowns using bands x max reps x 6 sets
(figure I might as well blast the tri’s a little bit more than they are used to since im not pressing or handling heavy loads)

Nov 6
Squatting today.  I am still working on my technique.  Slowly progressing in weights as the competition on dec 19th draws nearer.
Backsquats: 585 x 3 x 5 sets ( same intensity and volume as last Tuesday but in a third the amount of sets)
Stretching( I don’t make time to do this enough)

Nov 7

Nov 8
Shoulder is being nursed.  Just did a mini circuit.
Bar Inv Rows 5sets x 30 reps
W facepulls (band and towel) x 20 x 5 sets
W single arm band tricep pressdowns x  failure each arm x 5 sets each arm
W Cuban cleans 30’s x 25x 4 sets

Nov 9
Back squat 605lbs x 2 x 5 sets
(This was not the easiest workout but most of the reps were smooth.  I had a the second reps of the 4th and 5th sets were considerably slower but considering a yr a go I was feeling like a stud for doing this workout I cant feel bad.  ****before last worlds I did 635lbs x 2 x2  so I am hoping to get a little ahead of this before I leave for Russia.)
Finished off with:
Box jumps ’48 x 5 sets of 5

Nov 10
Inverted Rows( I cut the volume bc of deadlift day tomorrow) 4 sets of 20
And then arms(first time training arms in years): 5 sets of 20-25 thibadeau curls superset w single arm tricep pressdowns

Nov 11
Deadlift day.  Focused on technique and speed.  ( broke a strap on a set, lucky I didn’t hurt my back).
Conventional Deadlift: 635 x 1 x 10
GHD: 3 x 25 full ext sit ups