Friday, November 19, 2010

TRAINING LOG - NOV 17th & 18th

WED NOV 17th
Still hesitant to push my shoulder too hard.  Instead of adding weight i decide to increase the reps.  (I add 5 lbs to keep myself sane bc dabbling around 80% my 1RM this long is killing me).

Bench Press - 370lbs x 4(all paused) x 6 sets

Inverted rows x 25 superset w Tricep pressdowns using bands x failure
5 rounds

Lateral raises(slightly reverse) - 40lbs each hand x 50


Conv Deadlift - no grind reps allowed
(no belt )265lbsx5, 374lbsx3, 465lbsx2, 555lbsx1
(belt) 605lbs x 1, 650lbs x 1 x 5 sets         5th set was a grind so i stopped session

GHD situps - 3 x 15 (opening up)
Gymnastic rings shrugs(upside dpwn) 2 x 70reps