Friday, November 26, 2010

TRAINING LOG - Thurs Nov 25

A little tired today. Tried some Hemorush today...its a preworkout drink that's supposed to get you jacked up to train.
Today I worked on my deadlifts again. The past few weeks I have only been doing singles in the DL and simply increasing the intensity slightly, focusing one moving the weight FAST, POWERFULLY and with AUTHORITY.
After my first heavy single...I projectile vomitted all over the floor. My training partner Willie unconcerned with my well being laughed his ass off at my uncontrolled projections.... Not taking 'Hemorush'. Although I do not attribute it completely to the Hemorush, ( the pressure during a heavy deadlift does wonders sometimes), I definitely think it didn't help.

(No belt)
264lbs x 4
374lbs x 3
484lbs x 2
534lbs x 1
574lbs x 1
(Add belt)
624lbs x 1
664lbs x 1 (projectile V)
664lbs x 1
664lbs x 1
664lbs x 1
664lbs x 1

GHD situps 4 sets of 15. Completely openning up every rep.

Upside down hangung shrugs using the gymnastic rings. 1 set of 80 reps.

Good day.
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