Thursday, December 16, 2010

TrainingLog-Dec16 DL

I have been feeling pretty run down.  My bench felt great yesterday.  My squats felt great on Tuesday.  Today, my body is very stiff, i did not sleep well, and I think it's due to some CNS fatigue....the point where over reaching becomes overtraining.....although I do not necessarily believe 100% in overtraining......  but thats another topic.

Conventional Deadlifts
(no belt) 264lbs x 3, 374lbs x 2, 464lbs x 1, 554lbs x 1
(belt) 644lbs x 1
714lbs x 1 (slow but good technique)
714lbs x X ( up to knees but felt technique break)
714lbs x X ( same)
714lbs x X

Although I was not completing the lifts, i never hit a grind point or felt as though I was taxing my CNS too hard because as soon as I felt my technique start to break down, or realized the bar was too far in front of me etc.... i simply aborted the lift....  I actually left feeling as tho I didn't do enough at all.

GHD situps ( completely opening up): 20 reps x 4 sets

Upside down Ring Shrugs : 2 sets of 75