Thursday, December 2, 2010

TrainingLog-Thurs Dec 2nd: Deads

My deadlifts have been moving nicely.  I am continuing to only work up to singles at static working weight and doing sets until the reps slow down.  Over the past few weeks I have been taking jumps of 10-15 lbs each week.  640-650-664 and this week 679.

(no belt) 274lbs x 4, 374lbs x 2, 464lbs x 1, 554lbs x 1 (belt) 644lbs x 1 679lbs x 1 ( video, i took this one for granted and let my technique slip it bit) 679lbs x 1 ( very fast, smooth, grooved, and tight) 679lbs x 1 ( same as set 2) 679lbs x 1 (similar to set 1) 679lbs x 1 ( slower and out of groove, not sure if it slowed bc of fatigue or bc of poor set up......stop grinds allowed) GHD sit ups:  opening up completely.  3 sets x 20 reps Upside shrugs on the rings: 1 set to failure approx 90 reps Conventional Deadlift:
(no belt) 274lbs x 4,
374lbs x 2
 464lbs x 1
 554lbs x 1
(add belt)  644lbs x 1
679lbs x 1(video, took it for granted)
679lbsx1 (faster, tighter)
679lbsx1(same as set 2)
679lbsx1(similar to set 1)
679lbsx1(slower, out of groove, not sure if slow due to fatigue or poor set up, stop anyways, no grinds allowed)

GHD SIT UPS: open up fully, 3 sets x 20 reps

Upside Down Shrugs: one max set approx 90 reps